Traffic Shield

Product Information
Traffic Shield

Safeguard Your Website: Preventing Malicious Content for Google Ads Approval


Key Features

  • Target Specific Areas: Choose specific countries or regions for your campaigns.
  • Visitor Tracking: Collects detailed visitor data for accurate tracking.
  • Webpage Protection: Safeguards webpages against unauthorized access and spyware.
  • Block Unwanted Traffic: Filters out VPNs, proxies, and similar non-genuine visitors.
  • Secure Affiliate Links: Prevents unauthorized clicks and access to affiliate links.

Benefits and Usage

  • Easy Campaign Timing: Schedule your marketing activities based on time zones and preferred times.
  • Advanced IP Checks: Automatically screens and sorts traffic based on IP quality.
  • Instant Traffic Reports: Get real-time data on website visitors and click rates.
  • Supports All IP Addresses: Compatible with both old and new IP address formats.
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