Product Information

Quickly generate & test R code, powered by OpenAI’s Davinci & Shiny.

RTutor Features

RTutor is an AI-based app that rapidly generates and tests R code, utilizing API calls to OpenAI’s Davinci, ChatGPT’s sibling. It translates natural language queries into R scripts, which are then executed within the Shiny platform.

Key Features:

  • Natural language interface: Interact with data using common language.
  • R and Python code generation: Automatically translate natural language queries into R and Python code.
  • Wide range of supported formats: CSV, TSV, and Excel files are all compatible.
  • Automatic data type detection: RTutor identifies and converts numeric columns to factors.
  • Multilingual support: Natural language processing available in dozens of languages.

Use Cases:

• Generate R scripts for various statistical analyses with ease.

• Produce HTML reports to showcase your data and findings.

• Translate natural language queries into R and Python code for efficient data analysis.

• Handle diverse data formats and languages for versatile data processing.

Experience seamless code generation and testing for data analysis with RTutor’s AI-powered capabilities and natural language interface.

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