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Paid plans start from $9/mo

Colorize B&W pics automatically Features

Palette is an AI-powered colorizer designed to effortlessly colorize a range of images, from old black and white photos to modern pictures. Key features and advantages include:

  • Easy to use: Simple, Instagram-like interface with no sign-up required
  • Automatic process: No personal data stored, ensuring user privacy
  • Free and accessible: Comes with a 3-minute tutorial and a supportive community of over one million users
  • Additional opportunities: Affiliate program, job opportunities, and user testimonials

Use cases for Palette cater to various individuals:

  • Photography enthusiasts seeking to bring color to old black and white images
  • Content creators looking to enhance their visuals with AI-powered colorization
  • Artists and designers exploring new ways to add color to their work

Overall, Palette offers a user-friendly solution for colorizing photos, backed by a supportive community and up-to-date information.

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