Product Information

Paid plans start from $4.17/mo

AI-powered search with real-time, accurate results and source info.

NeevaAI Features

Neeva is an ad-free, private search engine offering a secure and private search experience. Key features and advantages include:

  • Ad-free results: Displays real search results without ads or affiliate links
  • Cross-device compatibility: Browser extensions and mobile apps for various platforms
  • Free basic plan: Full-featured search experience across the web and connected personal accounts
  • Premium membership: Unlimited searches and top-tier privacy tools, such as a Password Manager and VPN
  • Data protection: No selling or sharing of user data with third parties, and anonymous search options

Use cases for Neeva cater to various individuals:

  • Privacy-conscious users seeking a secure and ad-free search experience
  • Multi-device users looking for a consistent search experience across platforms
  • Individuals wanting full control over their search data and privacy

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