Product Information

Paid plans start from $12/mo

AI-powered writing assistant to supercharge your writing.

Jenni Features

Jenni is an AI assistant designed to enhance writing speed and accuracy with a range of features. Key features and advantages include:

  • AI autocomplete: Assists in writing content like blogs, essays, emails, personal statements, stories, and speeches
  • Plagiarism-free results: Built-in plagiarism checker ensures original and accurate content
  • In-text citations and paraphrasing: Enhances writing quality and adheres to proper citation practices
  • Multilingual support: Write in any language, catering to a diverse range of writers

Use cases for Jenni are ideal for various individuals:

  • Students and professionals seeking assistance in writing essays, reports, and personal statements
  • Content creators looking to generate captions, blogs, and stories with creativity and accuracy
  • Writers aiming to improve their writing speed and maintain originality in their work

Overall, Jenni offers a powerful AI writing assistant solution for those looking to improve their writing skills and productivity.

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