Product Information

AI-generated ideas, trained by 1.5M+ people who liked/disliked them

IdeasAI Features

IDEAS AI is an AI-powered tool using OpenAI’s GPT-3 to generate innovative startup ideas based on user feedback. Key features and advantages include:

  • User-driven: Generates ideas based on user likes and dislikes, improving relevance over time
  • Daily updates: Offers fresh ideas daily, with top ideas featured by month, week, and day
  • Wide range of ideas: Covers diverse industries such as digital booking, food delivery, dating apps, and blockchain-based art

Use cases for IDEAS AI are ideal for various professionals:

  • Entrepreneurs seeking inspiration for new and innovative startup ideas
  • Small business owners looking to expand their ventures or explore new opportunities
  • Freelancers aiming to identify unique project ideas or niche markets

Overall, IDEAS AI is a powerful tool for those seeking creative and relevant startup ideas tailored to their preferences.

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