Complete Copywriting Prompts

Idea generation:

  1. “Generate [3/5/10] creative headline ideas for a blog post about [topic] targeting [ideal customer persona].”
  2. “Provide [3/5/10] unique tagline ideas for our [product/service] that emphasize its [main benefit/feature].”
  3. “Brainstorm [3/5/10] promotional concepts for a marketing campaign focusing on [specific theme/occasion] for our [industry/niche].”



Content optimization:

  1. “Optimize the following paragraph to be more engaging and persuasive for [ideal customer persona]: [insert paragraph].”
  2. “Improve the clarity of this sentence for [industry/niche]: [insert sentence].”
  3. “Make this call-to-action more compelling for [ideal customer persona]: [insert call-to-action].”



Keyword research:

  1. “Identify [5/10/15] relevant keywords for our [product/service] in the [industry/niche].”
  2. “Generate a list of [5/10/15] long-tail keywords related to [topic] for our [blog/website].”
  3. “Provide [5/10/15] LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords for the article about [topic] targeting [ideal customer persona].”



Multilingual content:

  1. “Translate the following [blog post/ad copy/landing page] into [Spanish/French/German]: [insert content].”
  2. “Write a short [promotional message/product description] in [Spanish/French/German] for our [product/service].”
  3. “Translate these [3/5/10] headlines into [Spanish/French/German] for our [blog/website/campaign]: [insert headlines].”



Audience targeting:

  1. “Customize this blog post introduction for [millennials/gen Z/baby boomers]: [insert introduction].”
  2. “Rewrite the following product description to appeal to [women/men/parents]: [insert description].”
  3. “Adjust this email copy to target [small business owners/freelancers/executives] in the [industry/niche]: [insert email copy].”



Long-form content:

  1. “Outline a comprehensive, well-structured article on [topic] for our [blog/website] targeting [ideal customer persona].”
  2. “Write an in-depth [2,000/3,000/4,000]-word article about [topic], including actionable tips and industry insights for [ideal customer persona].”
  3. “Create a [2,000/3,000/4,000]-word guide on [topic], including step-by-step instructions, examples, and best practices for [industry/niche].”



Social media content:

  1. “Craft [3/5/10] engaging Facebook post ideas for our [product/service], targeting [ideal customer persona].”
  2. “Generate [3/5/10] attention-grabbing tweets promoting our [latest blog post/upcoming event/new product launch].”
  3. “Create [3/5/10] Instagram caption ideas that showcase the benefits of our [product/service] for [ideal customer persona].”



Email marketing:

  1. “Write a persuasive subject line and email body that encourages [ideal customer persona] to [desired action] on our [website/product].”
  2. “Develop a [3/5/7]-part email sequence for our [product launch/lead nurturing/sales funnel], targeting [ideal customer persona].”
  3. “Create an engaging newsletter template for our [product/service], including sections for [industry news/tips and tricks/customer success stories].”



Landing pages:

  • “Design a high-converting landing page outline for our [product/service], including a compelling headline, engaging copy, and strong call-to-action.”
  • “Write a persuasive and concise value proposition for our [product/service] that will be featured on our landing page.”
  • “Provide suggestions for improving the conversion rate of our existing landing page: [insert URL].”



Product descriptions:

  1. “Create a compelling, informative, and SEO-optimized product description for our [product name], highlighting its unique selling points and benefits.”
  2. “Rewrite the following product description to be more persuasive and engaging for [ideal customer persona]: [insert description].”
  3. “Develop a product description template for our [product category], focusing on key features, benefits, and [ideal customer persona] pain points.”



Ad copy:

  1. “Write a captivating ad copy for a Google Ads campaign promoting our [product/service], targeting [ideal customer persona].”
  2. “Create [3/5/10] Facebook Ad headlines that drive clicks and conversions for our [product/service].”
  3. “Develop a persuasive ad copy for our [product/service] that emphasizes its [main benefit/feature] for [ideal customer persona].”



Video scriptwriting:

  1. “Write a compelling video script for a [30/60/90]-second promotional video about our [product/service], targeting [ideal customer persona].”
  2. “Develop an engaging explainer video script that showcases the features and benefits of our [product/service] for [ideal customer persona].”
  3. “Create a captivating webinar script that educates [ideal customer persona] about [topic] and demonstrates the value of our [product/service].”



Testimonials and case studies:

  1. “Generate a customer success story template that highlights the key benefits and results achieved by our clients using our [product/service].”
  2. “Write a case study about how our [product/service] helped [Company Name] achieve [specific result] in [time frame].”
  3. “Craft [3/5/10] engaging customer testimonial prompts to gather authentic feedback about our [product/service].”



Brand storytelling:

  1. “Develop a cohesive and engaging brand narrative that showcases our company’s [mission/values/unique selling points] and resonates with [ideal customer persona].”
  2. “Write a compelling ‘About Us’ page that tells the story of our company’s [origins/mission/vision] and appeals to [ideal customer persona].”
  3. “Create [3/5/7] key brand messages that communicate our company’s unique value proposition to [ideal customer persona].”



SEO optimization:

  1. “Enhance the following website copy to be more SEO-friendly for the keyword ‘[target keyword]’: [insert copy].”
  2. “Provide suggestions for improving the internal linking structure and keyword usage in our blog post: [insert URL].”
  3. “Identify and recommend [3/5/7] on-page SEO improvements for our website’s [homepage/product page/blog].”



Voice and tone development:

  1. “Adopt a consistent voice and tone for the following content, reflecting our brand personality and appealing to [ideal customer persona]: [insert content].”
  2. “Rewrite the following paragraph using a [formal/informal/playful] tone that matches our brand voice: [insert paragraph].”
  3. “Provide guidelines and examples for maintaining a consistent voice and tone across our [website/blog/social media/email marketing] content.”



Content repurposing:

  1. “Transform the following blog post into a visually appealing infographic: [insert URL].”
  2. “Convert our [e-book/whitepaper/guide] into a series of [3/5/7] shorter blog posts or social media updates.”
  3. “Create a script for a [3/5/7]-minute video based on the content from our blog post: [insert URL].”



Competitor analysis:

  1. “Analyze the content strategy of our top [3/5/7] competitors in the [industry/niche] and identify gaps and opportunities for our content.”
  2. “Compare the product descriptions of our [product/service] with our top [3/5/7] competitors and suggest improvements.”
  3. “Evaluate the effectiveness of our competitor’s [blog/website/social media/email marketing] and provide recommendations for outperforming them.”



A/B testing:

  1. “Generate [2/3/4] alternative headlines for our blog post to test their effectiveness: [insert original headline].”
  2. “Create [2/3/4] different call-to-action variations for our email marketing campaign to identify the most persuasive option.”
  3. “Suggest [2/3/4] alternative images for our social media ad to test which one performs best with our [ideal customer persona].”



Editing and proofreading:

  1. “Quickly spot and correct grammatical errors, awkward phrasing, or inconsistencies in the following copy: [insert copy].”
  2. “Revise and improve the readability of our [blog post/landing page/email] for [ideal customer persona]: [insert URL or text].”
  3. “Proofread and provide feedback on the tone, style, and clarity of our [whitepaper/e-book/guide]: [insert URL or text].”



Content strategy:

  1. “Develop a comprehensive content strategy for our [website/blog/social media/email marketing] that targets [ideal customer persona] and drives [desired outcome].”
  2. “Outline a [3/6/12]-month content plan for our [blog/website/social media/email marketing] that includes a mix of topics, formats, and promotional tactics.”
  3. “Identify [3/5/7] key content pillars for our [industry/niche] that will resonate with [ideal customer persona] and support our marketing objectives.”



User-generated content:

  • “Generate [3/5/10] creative ideas for encouraging user-generated content (UGC) on our [social media/website/blog].”
  • “Design a UGC campaign that leverages [hashtags/contests/rewards] to increase engagement and promote our [product/service].”
  • “Create [3/5/7] prompts that inspire our audience to share their experiences, stories, or reviews about our [product/service].”



Influencer marketing:

  1. “Identify [3/5/10] potential influencers in the [industry/niche] who would be a good fit for promoting our [product/service].”
  2. “Craft a persuasive outreach message for potential influencers, highlighting the benefits of partnering with our brand.”
  3. “Generate [3/5/10] collaboration ideas for working with influencers in our [industry/niche] to promote our [product/service].”



Press releases:

  1. “Write a newsworthy press release announcing our [product launch/company milestone/event], targeting [ideal customer persona].”
  2. “Create a compelling headline and lead paragraph for a press release about our [partnership/expansion/award].”
  3. “Develop a press release template that includes key information about our company and products/services, making it easy to customize for future announcements.”



Topic clustering:

  1. “Outline a topic cluster for our [blog/website] centered around the pillar topic ‘[main keyword]’ and including relevant subtopics and supporting content.”
  2. “Identify [3/5/7] potential pillar topics for our [industry/niche] that would resonate with [ideal customer persona].”
  3. “Suggest a content structure for our [blog/website] that utilizes topic clustering to improve site navigation and SEO performance.”



Copywriting formulas:

  1. “Apply the AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) formula to the following copy, making it more persuasive and engaging: [insert copy].”
  2. “Rewrite this call-to-action using the PAS (Problem, Agitate, Solution) formula: [insert call-to-action].”
  3. “Create a compelling headline for our blog post using the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) principle: [insert original headline].”



Interactive content:

  1. “Design an engaging quiz for our [website/social media] that helps users discover their [product fit/personality type/lifestyle preference].”
  2. “Develop a [calculator/assessment/tool] that allows users to [estimate savings/measure progress/determine compatibility] with our [product/service].”
  3. “Outline an interactive infographic that visualizes [data/statistics/processes] related to our [industry/niche].”



FAQ sections:

  1. “Create a comprehensive FAQ section for our [product/service/website] that addresses common questions and concerns for [ideal customer persona].”
  2. “Revise and expand our existing FAQ content to be more clear, concise, and helpful for our [ideal customer persona].
  3. “Suggest [3/5/7] new questions and answers to include in our FAQ section based on [customer feedback/industry trends/common pain points].”



Content promotion:

  1. “Outline a multi-channel content promotion plan for our [blog post/infographic/e-book] that targets [ideal customer persona] and drives [desired outcome].”
  2. “Generate [3/5/10] creative ideas for repurposing and promoting our existing content on [social media/email marketing/other channels].”
  3. “Develop a promotional email to our subscribers announcing our latest [blog post/resource/event] and encouraging them to [desired action].”



Sales enablement content:

  1. “Create a [one-pager/sales sheet/brochure] that showcases the key features and benefits of our [product/service] for [ideal customer persona].”
  2. “Develop a [case study/testimonial/video] that highlights how our [product/service] helped a customer achieve [specific result].”
  3. “Write a [whitepaper/e-book/guide] that addresses the common pain points and challenges faced by [ideal customer persona] in our industry.”



Copy audits:

  1. “Perform a copy audit on our [website/blog/social media] content and provide recommendations for improvement in terms of [clarity/persuasiveness/SEO].”
  2. “Evaluate the effectiveness of our [email marketing campaign/landing page/ad copy] and suggest revisions to improve performance.”
  3. “Analyze our [content strategy/brand messaging/tone and voice] and provide actionable insights for refining our approach.”



Localization and translation:

  1. “Translate the following copy into [target language] while maintaining its original meaning and persuasive intent: [insert copy].”
  2. “Localize our [website/landing page/ad copy] for the [target country/market] to ensure cultural relevancy and appeal to [ideal customer persona].”
  3. “Review and revise our [product description/email campaign/blog post] to better resonate with [ideal customer persona] in the [target country/market].”



Lead magnets:

  1. “Design a valuable lead magnet (e.g., e-book, checklist, template) that addresses a key pain point for our [ideal customer persona] and encourages them to [desired action].”
  2. “Develop a [3/5/7]-part email course on [topic] that educates [ideal customer persona] and positions our [product/service] as the ideal solution.”
  3. “Create an engaging quiz or assessment that helps users identify their [needs/preferences/challenges] and offers personalized recommendations based on their responses.”



Keyword research:

  1. “Perform keyword research for our [industry/niche] and provide a list of [10/20/30] relevant, high-traffic keywords to target in our content.”
  2. “Identify [3/5/7] long-tail keywords related to our [product/service/topic] that offer low competition and high conversion potential.”
  3. “Analyze the search intent behind our target keywords and provide recommendations for creating content that aligns with user needs and expectations.”



Content ideation:

  1. “Generate [10/20/30] content ideas for our [blog/website/social media] that address the needs and interests of our [ideal customer persona].”
  2. “Suggest [3/5/7] creative ways to approach [topic] in our content that will differentiate our brand and resonate with [ideal customer persona].”
  3. “Develop a series of [3/5/7] themed content pieces that explore different aspects of [topic] and position our brand as an authority in the [industry/niche].”



Headline creation:

  1. “Craft [3/5/10] attention-grabbing headlines for our [blog post/landing page/email] that appeal to [ideal customer persona] and encourage [desired action].”
  2. “Rewrite the following headline to be more persuasive and engaging: [insert headline].”
  3. “Generate [3/5/10] headline variations for our [blog post/ad/email] that leverage [curiosity/emotion/urgency] to drive engagement.”



Call-to-action (CTA) writing:

  1. “Create a compelling CTA for our [landing page/email/website] that encourages [ideal customer persona] to [desired action].”
  2. “Write [3/5/7] different CTA variations for our [ad/social media post/blog] that utilize persuasive language and inspire action.”
  3. “Revise the following CTA to be more clear, concise, and action-oriented: [insert CTA].”



Social media content:

  1. “Generate [10/20/30] engaging social media post ideas for our [Facebook/Instagram/Twitter] account that showcase our [product/service] and resonate with [ideal customer persona].”
  2. “Write a series of [3/5/7] social media updates that promote our latest [blog post/resource/event] and encourage [desired action].”
  3. “Develop a [weekly/monthly] social media content calendar that includes a mix of [educational/entertaining/promotional] content tailored to our [ideal customer persona].”



Video scriptwriting:

  1. “Write a [3/5/7]-minute video script that introduces our [product/service/company] and highlights its key features and benefits for [ideal customer persona].”
  2. “Create a script for a [tutorial/explainer/animated] video that breaks down [complex topic/process] into simple, easy-to-understand steps.”
  3. “Develop a video script for a [testimonial/case study/interview] that showcases the success stories of our customers using our [product/service].”



Webinar content:

  1. “Outline a [30/45/60]-minute webinar on [topic] that educates [ideal customer persona] and positions our [product/service] as the ideal solution.”
  2. “Develop a series of [3/5/7] engaging talking points or slides for our webinar that address common questions and concerns about [topic/product/service].”
  3. “Write a persuasive registration page for our upcoming webinar that highlights the value and benefits of attending for [ideal customer persona].”



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