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Arcwise AI

AI Copilot for Spreadsheets

Arcwise AI Features

Arcwise AI is a GPT-powered copilot tool for Google Sheets designed to help users understand, clean, and process data with ease. Key features and advantages include:

  • Text commands: Chat with the spreadsheet and ask questions to gain insights and assistance
  • Context-aware formula recommendations: Receive AI-generated, relevant formula suggestions and links to StackOverflow posts
  • Data cleaning and scraping: Reformat date columns, normalize addresses, summarize responses, and more

Use cases for Arcwise AI cater to various professionals:

  • Data analysts seeking to streamline data processing and gain insights more efficiently
  • Business professionals looking to improve their productivity with Google Sheets
  • Researchers aiming to save time on manual data cleaning and organization

Overall, Arcwise AI offers an innovative and user-friendly solution for working with data in Google Sheets, ensuring a more efficient and insightful experience.

The Web3Wibe team has used this tool and recommends it.

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