100 DaysOfAI

Product Information

Learn AI skills in 100 days with daily bite-sized lessons.

100DaysOfAI Features

Key Features

  • Daily Bitesized Lessons: Offers 30-minute, easy-to-digest lessons each day, starting January 1st.
  • Broad Range of Topics: Covers various AI applications, from intelligent journals to AI-powered mobile apps.
  • Before and After Scenarios: Illustrates the transformation in understanding and using AI through relatable before-and-after statements.

Uses and Benefits

  • Upskill in AI: Perfect for those looking to deepen their AI knowledge in a structured, time-efficient manner.
  • Practical Learning: Transforms abstract AI concepts into practical knowledge and skills.
  • Community Learning: Join 1334 others in a shared journey of AI exploration, making the process more engaging and accountable.

Max, the creator of #100DaysOfAI, emphasizes the program’s aim to make AI learning productive yet enjoyable.

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